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Town planning

1.       The developments in the Greater Chennai Corporation limits such as:

a.       Building construction for various purposes such as Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional etc.,

b.       Sub-division of plots wherein the number of plots are less than 8

c.       Layouts of lands (wherein the plots are more than 8) needs to be approved by Tamil Nadu Town & Country Planning Act, 1971 and Chennai City Municipal Corporation Act, 1919.

2.       For the Corporation Chennai limits the above two Acts are enforced by Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) and Greater Chennai Corporation.  CMDA is enforcing the Tamil Nadu Town & Country Planning Act, 1971 with rules called Development Regulations (DR) and Greater Chennai Corporation enforces Chennai City Municipal Corporation Act, 1919 governed by rules called Chennai City Building Rules, 1972.

3.       For any type of developments two types of approvals has to be obtained.  First is the planning permission which is governed by the Tamil Nadu Town & Country planning Act 1971and with the rules in Development Regulation of Second Master Plan.  Second is the building permit which is governed by the Chennai City Municipal Corporation Act, 1919 with the rules in Chennai City Building Rules.

4.       Greater Chennai Corporation is issuing building permits to all types of buildings including the Special Buildings, Multi-Storeyed Buildings and group developments for which the planning permissions are issued by CMDA. The powers are delegated to Principal Chief Engineer for sanction.

5.       In addition to the above mentioned building permits, the Greater Chennai Corporation is issuing planning permits under the delegation of powers issued by the Member – Secretary, CMDA to the Zonal Executive Engineers for the following categories of buildings.
a.       Ordinary residential buildings with dwelling units not exceeding six (6 kitchen units) up to 9.0m height (Ground floor + First floor (or)stilt +2 floors)

b.       Commercial buildings not exceeding 300 sq.m of floor area up to 9.0m height (Ground floor + first floor (or) stilt + 2 floors)
and to Principal Chief Engineer for the following categories.
c.       Industrial and Institutional buildings up to a height of 15.25 meters.
d.       Subdivision or layout of lands (for residential purpose) of total extent not exceeding 2 Hectares (20,000 sq.m).
6.       Greater Chennai Corporation is sanctioning both the Planning Permission applications and building applications simultaneously for the buildings / land as mentioned in the Sl.No. 5 (a) to (d) above.
7.       The applications in this regard shall be submitted in the respective Zonal Offices by the applicants / land owners.  Address for the categories in 5 (a) & (b)



Zonal office



Zonal Office – I

Zone I
No.947, T.H. Road,
Chennai – 600 019


Zonal Office – II

Zone II
No.112, Dr. Ambedhkar Street,
Chennai – 600 068


Zonal Office – III             

Zone III
No.1, Thattankulam Street
Bazaar Road
Chennai – 600 060


Zonal Office – IV   

Zone IV
No.266, T.H. Road
Chennai – 600 021


Zonal Office – V

Zone V        
No.105, Basin Bridge Road,
Chennai – 600 079


Zonal Office – VI   

Zone VI
No.6, Anderson Road,
Chennai – 600 023


Zonal Office – VII  

Zone VII
Thiruvallur High Road
Opp. Dunlop
Ambattur, Chennai – 600 053


Zonal Office – VIII 

No.36 G, Pulla Avenue,
Shenoy Nagar,
Chennai – 600 040


Zonal Office – IX

Zone IX
No.4, 4th Cross Street
Lake view road,
Chennai – 600 034


Zonal Office – X    

Zone X
No.64, NSK Salai
Kodambakkam, Chennai – 600 024


Zonal Office – XI

Zone XI
No.33, Arcot Road
Chennai – 600 087


Zonal Office – XII

Zone XII
No.1, New Street, Near GST Road,
Chennai – 600 016


Zonal Office – XIII

No.115, Dr. Muthulakshmi Salai
Adyar, Chennai – 600 020


Zonal Office – XIV

Zone XIV
No.6/64, Puzhuthivakkam Main Road
Chennai – 600 091


Zonal Office – XV 

Zone XV
No.120, Rajiv Gandhi Salai
(Old Mahabalipuram Road)
Chennai – 600 119


or the categories 5(c) & (d) the application shall be submitted in Works Department, Amma Maligai, Ripon Buildings, Chennai – 600003.
Procedures and list of documents required for submitting the planning permission application (PPA) is displayed in Annexure –I
Procedures and list of documents required for submitting the planning permission application (PPA) is displayed in Annexure –I
8.       To make the processing of the Planning Permission Applications easier the whole system of processing are computerized. Each and every stage of the processing of the applications are being entered in the computer. The applicants / land owners can see the various stages of their applications in the website of Greater Chennai Corporation by referring the applications number allotted to them while submission.
Moreover SMS alerts / e-mails are sent to the applicants /land owner at each stages.  The applicant can act immediately if a letter is sent requesting to furnish additional documents / particulars by seeing the SMS alerts / e-mails.  Further if it is sanctioned, the necessary fees to be paid will be known, so that the applicant can make the payment immediately and obtain the permits.
9.         The following Charges / fees are collected depending up on the status of the land and type of building for issuing the planning permits / building permits:
For planning permission
CMDA Development Charges
Open Space Reservation Charges
Infrastructure  & Amenities Charges
Regularization Charges for Land< For Building Permits:
Building License Fees
Scrutiny Fees
Demolition Fees
Tentative Improvement Charges
Road Cut Restoration Charges for Service Connection Viz., Water, Drainage and Power
Plan Charges
Regularisation Charges for buildings under Section 244 (A) of CCMC Act, 1919.
Welfare Fund Amount
Land tax

10.     If any existing buildings is to be demolished necessary approval has to be obtained from Greater Chennai Corporation before demolition of the building. A Demolition Application (DA) in this regard has to be submitted, and approval issued subject to the payment of following fees.

Scrutiny Fees
Demolition Fees

11.     The plans for all types of applications are to be signed only by the Registered Architects and Licensed Surveyors who has obtained the licenses from the Greater Chennai Corporation.
The list of such Registered Architects and Licensed Surveyors registered in Greater Chennai Corporation are displayed in Annexure-II.

12.     The different types of applications are: Planning Permission ( For the types of buildings mentioned in 5 (a) to(d)) The type is called Planning Permission Application (PPA). Planning Permission for layout / Sub-division of plots up to 2 Hectares (20,000 Sq.m). The type is called sub-Division (SD) Demolition of all types of buildings with area unlimited. The type is called Demolition Application (DA) Building Application for Special Buildings, Group Developments, Multi – Storeyed Buildings for which the planning permissions are issued by the CMDA. The type is called Building Application. (BA)


13.     The type of buildings and delegation to sanction are as follows:




To whom delegated


Sanction and refusal  of layout applications as required under section 215 & 216 of CCMC, Act, 1919 [PPA sanction by CMDA).

Area Unlimited

Principal Chief Engineer


Sanction and refusal of Building Applications for Multi-Storeyed, Building, Special Buildings and Group Developments under section 234 and 238 of CCMC Act, 1919.  [PPA sanction by CMDA]

Area of buildings and height Unlimited

Principal Chief Engineer


Sanction and refusal of Building Applications for Ordinary Buildings under Section 234 and 238 of CCMC Act, 1919.

Ordinary buildings up to 9.0m height only [G+1 (or) Stilt + 2 Floors] and sanction of second floor on increment allowance, three years after the sanction of first floor.  Institutional buildings up to a height of 15.25 meters.

Zonal Executive Engineers


Sanction and refusal of Demolition application under section 246 (A) of CCMC Act, 1919.

Existing building of any area

Zonal Executive Engineers

14.     Application Forms: (a)For Planning Permission Application:

(i)      Form “B” with checklist [shall be obtained from CMDA]

(ii)      Building Application Form [shall be downloaded from the Website of Greater Chennai Corporation]

(iii)     For Sub-division/Layout Application:

(iv)     From “A” with checklist [shall be obtained from CMDA]

(v)     Building Application for which the Planning Permissions are issued by CMDA.

(vi)     Building Application Form [shall be downloaded from the Website of Greater Chennai Corporation]

Demolition Application:
A Covering letter in the following format:  From

[Name and Communication Address of Applicant(s)

The Executive Engineer
[Corresponding zone with Address]
Sir / Madam,
Sub: Demolition Application - For Demolition of Existing Building at [site address] – Requested – Regarding.

I / We intend to demolish the existing building at [site address] and have enclosed the requested documents in this regard.
Sanction the demolition application.
Note:  This letter format is applicable only for Demolition application wherein the application is submitted only for demolition of existing building.
If it is for Demolition of existing building & Reconstruction of building then the applications mentioned in 14 (a) (i) & (ii) has to be enclosed.

Annexure - I
Procedures and documents required for submitting necessary applications in respective Zonal Offices.


The applications duly signed by the applicant (s)/land owners and the Licensed Surveyor along with the details of online approved plan and the required documents has to be submitted in the respective Zonal Offices for categories mentioned in 5 (a) & (b).  [ The procedure for online approval of plan for construction of building is displayed in (c) below]
The application duly signed by the applicant (s) / land owners and the Licensed Surveyors along with the details of online, approved plan and the required documents has to be submitted in Works Department, 5th floor Amma Maligai, Ripon Buildings, Greater Chennai Corporation, Chennai – 600003 for categories mentioned in 5(c) & (d).
An admission fee has to be enclosed in the from of demand draft drawn in favor of “The Commissioner, Greater Chennai Corporation”

The amount for various types of applications are:  


                           Type of Application



Planning Permission Application for Construction of building if the total floor area is less than 300 Sq.m.



Planning Permission Application for building if the total floor area is more than 300 Sq.m



Planning Permission Application for Sub-division / layout of lands of any plot area



Demolition Application for demolition of exiting building of any area


The documents and applications which are to be enclosed are as follows:


Planning Permission Application (PPA) & Building Application (BA) Applications duly Filled and signed by the applicant(s) and Licensed Surveyor / Architecture / Structural Engineer.


Admission fees Rs.375/- for the building area less than 300 m2 and Rs.600/- for building area more than 300m2, Rs.1180/- for Sub Division by Demand Draft in favour of         “Commissioner,  Greater Chennai Corporation”


Present ownership / General Power of Attorney (GPA) document copy.


Parent documents prior to 05.08.1975 (or) allotment order/ sale deed document by TNHB / TNSCB / SIDCO / CMDA and subsequent documents.


Will document and probated order copy if any


PATTA copy along with FMB Sketch / enjoyment certificate issued by competent authority.


Chitta, Adangal.


Encumbrance Certificate at the time of submission.


Property Tax paid receipt. (up to current half-yearly) if any building exists.


Land Tax Receipt. (up to current half-yearly)


Approved online drawing with check list report


Post Card size photograph of the existing building / vacant site condition


Existing Sanctioned Permit & Plan Copy if any


Legal Heir Ship Certificate / Death Certificate if any.


Reconstitution Deed if any required.


Sanctioned demolition plan copy if any.


Sanctioned sub-division/layout copy if any.


Complete structural design details duly signed by structural Engineer which incorporates the provision of structural safety as specified in part 6 “Structural Design” of the National Building code of India and other relevant codes. [For the Building Application of  Special Building, MSB & Group Development for Which PPA approved by CMDA this particular to be furnished]


The Structural Engineer should be a class I licensed surveyor registered with Corporation of Chennai. Person who possess Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Civil Engineering Branch with five years of working experience shall be eligible to register as class I licensed surveyor in Corporation of Chennai.
An Architect who possess the qualification referred to in the Architecture Act, 1972(Central Act,20,1972) so as to become a member of the profession of Architects under the provisions of the said Act are eligible to become a registered Architect.


For multi-storeyed buildings the design details has to be vetted by IIT / Anna University / PWD. For other special buildings the design has to be verified by the Class I licensed surveyor.


However if is mentioned that it is the sole responsibility of the land owner (s) / applicant (s) to construct the building as per the design and has the responsibility for ensuring that the building is structurally fit for occupation.

The Procedure for online approval of plan are as follows:
     The online submission of plan is only for the planning permission for construction of ordinary buildings up to 9.0 m height (stilt + 2 floors (or) Ground +First floor), incremental second floor over the first floor after three years from sanction of first floor, Industrial buildings and Institutional buildings up to 15.25 meters height.

     The online submission of plan is not required for Demolition Application, Sub-division / layout of plots The Building Applications for which planning permission are issued by CMDA the Online submission of plan is not required.
     The Auto DCR software is used in the process for online approval of plans.

      The detailed procedure for Auto DCR is displayed in the pre DCR help manual in the Building Plan Submission portal of Greater Chennai Corporation Website.

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